About Stroud District Council

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Stroud District Council

Our vision centres on leading a community that is making Stroud district a better place to live, work and visit for everyone. Our council plan (link to https://www.stroud.gov.uk/media/1822558/31-council-plan-2021-2026.pdf ) sets out how this will be achieved, with everything we do focus around three key priorities over a 5 year focus:

Environment and Climate Change – protecting our environment and leading the district to carbon neutrality in 2030

Community Resilience and Wellbeing – strengthening and supporting our communities so people feel included and connected

Economy, Recovery and Regeneration – supporting a thriving and resilient local economy

Our commitment to excellent service delivery and highly successful partnership working mean we continue to hit record levels of resident and business satisfaction, well above the national average.

We are innovative and ambitious, and our successful regeneration projects have seen us leading the way on high standard social housing, recycling and brownfield development. Our canal restoration project has been boosted by successful Heritage Lottery Fund awards.  We lead the way on waste reduction and recycling, and are developing a name for ourselves in our drive towards achieving a carbon neutral district.

Political Makeup 

Stroud District Council is led by a co-operative alliance of the Labour, Green and Liberal Democrat parties.

There are 51 councillors: 19 Conservative, 15 Labour, 13 Green, 3 Liberal Democrat and 1 Conservative (No Group).​

Our Values

Our people are engaged and empowered and we foster an environment that promotes innovation and continuous improvement, where new ideas are welcomed

We care about our people and will create an environment that empowers and supports them to have the right work life balance, to enhance and improve their lives.

  • Valuing our people
    We care about our colleagues and the people and businesses that make up our communities
  • Aiming High
    We are ambitious and we always strive to get better and do better for our communities
    Making a difference
    We put the people in our community at the heart of everything we do
    Being one Council
    We are at our best when we work together